One of the most senior, most respected and very popular artistes of the Malwa belt, Tipaniya ji has travelled widely nationally and internationally to perform. He not only sings the words of mystic poets especially Kabir, he is also the head or Mathadheesh of the Kabir Panth branch (a sect of the followers of Kabir) of the area and Kabir's thought is a way of life for him.

Unlike many other performing groups of the area who have inherited the tradition of singing the saints' sayings from their ancestors, Tipaniya ji is a self taught man. By profession he is a teacher in a local school and he heard the sound of the tambur; the 5 stringed instrument that he now sings with, for the first time in 1978 as a 24 year old. He was so impressed with it that he made up his mind to learn the art of playing it and singing and so set out on his journey. Soon thereafter he started doing programs for All India Radio and has never looked back since. He has performed at the most prestigious programs all over the state, country and even done international tours. He has been honoured with countless awards over the years and has many audio and VCD albums to his credit. He performs with his brother Shri Ashok Tipaniya and a team of remarkable musicians.

In view of the commentaries being added by the singer during his performance I call him as Sufi Singer. In Malwa belt, I saw a number of bhajan singers who are also keeping the sufi tradition alive in the belt. rdsaxena@gmail.com